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Ziarco is an independent, clinical stage biotechnology company progressing novel & differentiated therapies for inflammatory and allergic diseases, using both oral and topical routes of delivery.

By exploiting shared pathobiology in inflammatory & allergic pathways, coupled with high human confidence in rationale, Ziarco's programmes can be used to treat multiple disorders affecting the airways, skin and other organs.

 Our current focus is on chronic inflammatory skin diseases, specifically atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

 Ziarco intends to progress its programmes through clinical proof-of-concept studies using creative drug development strategies and partnerships.



Many apparently diverse inflammatory diseases are linked in ways that are not always obvious, in that despite different symptomatology, they share common, underlying pathobiology. 



The company has built an exciting and broad portfolio of programmes based on the concept of "high human confidence", in that data supporting our confidence in their efficacy is derived primarily...


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